The first memory you have of Serra in 1040 as a stronghold of the Counts of Capraia Alberti, then transferred to Pistoia the end of the thirteenth century. The castle was destroyed in 1327 but rebuilt in a short time. Visiting the ancient village can be seen immediately particularities of its urban structure, which winds along the ridge of the mountain, with a street connecting the two old gates still visible in the ancient walls. Inside the fortified perimeter is the church of San Leonardo, which preserves beautiful medieval stone capitals. In the tower, which was originally a watchtower, opens the door to the ancient castle, topped by a stone emblem Medici. Of particular interest is the site where the church was built of Furfalo, one of the oldest land pistoiese, whose ruins are still visible in a forest between the town of Serra in the Nievole valley, a place that for the inhabitants of the mountain has a profound value sacred, so that you still celebrate religious functions during the Easter period.

Place: Bologna