Ski Lift in Abetone

The areas of the ski resort equipped with skilifts are five: Le Regine, Abetone, Mount Gomito, Pulicchio and Val di Luce. Each area is perfectly equipped to allow skiers to arrive at the starting point of the slopes in a few minutes and safely.
In addition to the skilifts there are also several useful services for them: car parks, mountain huts ideal for a stopover, rental shops for skies, snowboards and snowshoes.
At Abetone there are various type of skilifts. There are chairlifts for 2, 3 and 4 persons, t-bars and magic carpets in the beginner's area and a circulating ropeway carrying up to 8 people.

Check the situation of the skilifts!'s mapping system shows in real-time what are the open skilifts in the ski resort.


Plant situation
  CAMPI SCUOLA ABETONE Aperto Previsione apertura
11 s2 11 - CHAIRLIFT TWO-SEATER CAMPO SCUOLA ABETONE Aperto Previsione apertura
12 s3 12 - THREE-SEATER CHAIRLIFT CAMPO SCUOLA ABETONE Aperto Previsione apertura
  COMPRENSORIO SELLETTA-LE REGINE Aperto Previsione apertura
10 s2 10 - CHAIRLIFT TWO-SEATER SELLETTA Aperto Previsione apertura
14 s2 14 - CHAIRLIFT TWO-SEATER RIVA Chiuso Closed
16 sk 16 - SCIOVIA MONTE GOMITO Chiuso Closed
  COMPRENSORIO OVOVIA-PULICCHIO Aperto Previsione apertura
13 tr 13 - TAPIS ROULANT OVOVIA Chiuso Closed
18 ov 18 - 8-SEAT CABLE CAR MONTE GOMITO Aperto Previsione apertura
19 sk 19 - SCIOVIA ZENO 3 Aperto Previsione apertura
20 s4 20 - SEGGIOVIA QUADRIPOSTO PULICCHIO Aperto Previsione apertura
  COMPRENSORIO VAL DI LUCE Aperto Previsione apertura
23 s4 23 - SEGGIOVIA QUADRIPOSTO V.DI LUCE - M.GOMITO Aperto Previsione apertura
24 s4 24 - THREE-SEATER CHAIRLIFT PASSO D'ANNIBALE Aperto Previsione apertura
26 s4 26 - SEGGIOVIA QUADRIPOSTO SPRELLA Aperto Previsione apertura
27 sk 27 - SCIOVIA JOLLY Aperto Previsione apertura
28 sk 28 - SCIOVIA ABETINA Aperto Previsione apertura
Last update: 09/12/2023

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