School Fields of Abetone

Abetone is one of the best places in the Apennine for those who want to learn how to ski. In the area there are 16 blue runs (suitable for beginners) and 7 ski school areas.

Center of Abetone
In the center of the town, close to all amenities and convenient parking lots, there are two ski school areas served by two chairlifts and a magic carpet. These are the slopes "Giulio Ferrari" and "Campo Scuola Abetone". Between the two slopes there is also a playground on the snow for the younger children.

Circulating Ropeway
One side of the large open space that marks the arrival of the slopes is characterized by the presence of a small ski school area served by a magic carpet. The constant gradient of the ski school area makes it particularly ideal for beginners of ski and snowboard. Here is also the Mountain Hut Ovovia.

Borgo Faidello
The "Seghi" slope is one of the most popular for beginners who want to get away from ski school areas and try to face some descents.

Val di Luce
The territory of Val di Luce has three slopes of low difficulty and all connected with each other: "Sprella", "Abetina" and “Jolly". They are ideal for families with children and beginner groups. There are car parks and services nearby.

Discover Abetone

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