Located in a basin surrounded by forests of rare beauty, Pievepelago was one of the major tourist centers dell'Appennino Modenese. It is headquarters of the Regional Park Frignano and includes the territories of frignano to the border with Tuscany, marked by the ridge of watershed. Many sports facilities, dozens of hiking trails, places for tourism and equestrian facilities for winter sports make it one of the most appreciated by tourists. From a naturalistic, the area of Tuscany and Emilia ridge is the most valuable, both in terms geomorphologic, for the group of cirque-Rondinaio Giovo, and for some stations only natural flora in the mountains. The fascination exerted by the more glacial lakes (Holy Lake, Lake and Lake Baccio Turchino), which dot the amphitheatre, and the same ridge, consisting of a ring of mountains that graze the 2000 meters, the most beautiful and wild All the Apennines. Pievepelago was submitted to the town of Modena, then Montegarullo, then to Estensi. The way Vandelli, and even more the way Gardens, took isolation and turned it into a popular market. A Roccapelago particularly interesting is the Fortress of Obizzo of Montegarullo recently restructured; the border with the town of Riolunato Scoltenne stands on the bridge of medieval Fola, a donkey's back, the Casoni, the famous Celtic huts, and wildlife oasis Lake Rovinoso; Modino Ponte, the Oratory of Our Lady of Renacci and, on the border with Fiumalbo, the church of San Michele, even with the apse Romanesque. Evocative Finally, the location along the ancient route Vandelli until medieval village of San Pellegrino in the Alps, tapping Alpe Sigola, Sasso Tignoso.

Place: Pistoia