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Abetone Summer

Abetone Summer

During summer, the territory of Abetone becomes a tourist center dedicated to nature, excursions and relax.

At Abetone, hiking enthusiasts are only spoiled for choice. The itineraries that reach the local appennine peaks are many and varied. Everyone is adequately marked by the characteristic red and white signs and along the way you can rely on several mountain huts. The latter offer hospitality, shelter and tasty mountain food specialties.

Mountain Biking
In the summer the favorite destination for mountain and plain bikers of Pistoia is Abetone Gravity Park. The park uses the same circulating ropeway used by skiers to carry mountain bikes to the top of the mountain. From here you can experience adrenalin descents along the ski slopes. There are trails of different lengths (from 3 to 6 km) suitable for both beginners and experts and it is also possible to try long-distance trails up to 30 km.

The center of Abetone is surrounded by fresh beech forests and fir trees that can be explored easily by taking advantage of the local trails. These walks in the valley are not demanding and therefore are ideal for the whole family, including children.
Depending on the season, along the paths you can gather mushrooms, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and spot some animal of the forests.

Sport Fishing
Sports fishing is a permitted activity in the territory of Abetone and in general of the Pistoia Mountains. You can practice it every day between July and August at Lake Verde, a short distance from the town of Le Regine. Even some stretches of Lima stream are accessible to fishermen with regular sporting card, as at the impressive Ponte Sospeso.

Abetone Summer

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Snow Park Abetone

For snowboarders the ski area offers two different Snowpark Abetone equipped, one Abetone and the other in Val di Luce.

Comprensorio dell'Abetone

Abetone is at the center of a larger area that offers tourists and many other ski slopes hiking trails, picturesque valleys and medieval villages.

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