Marliana, Montagnana, Momigno, Casore del Monte and Serra were in a group of medieval castles fortified fate on a territory that stretched between the Apennine mountains and plains. Marliana dominates the hill between the valleys of the rivers and Nievole Vincio, and is surrounded by thick chestnut. The ancient castle, already documented in the twelfth century, went destroyed in 1177 during the war with Montecatini and was rebuilt in a few years. Marliana, oratory of St. Anthony Abbot Marliana, Church of St. Nicholas Croce The village had a leading role in the fight between Lucca and Pistoia and then experienced a long period of peace under the domination Florentine. The village retains its charming plant erbanistico, perched around the church of St. Nicholas, documented since 1316 and transformed in the seventeenth century and then nell'Ottocento. In front of it stands the seventeenth century oratory of the Society of St. Anthony Abbot, space now dedicated to cultural events.

Place: Abetone