Located on the ruins of an ancient customs post between the Duchy of Modena and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, is the station winter and summer of Doganaccia placed 1547-1650 meters above sea level. This location is connected to the capital by a road that runs between the beech and through a cable car. Another part of the cable car, linking the station to the Cross Doganaccia Arcane. During the winter, the various ski slopes offer pathways for all skiers, from beginners to those more experienced, also tracks wind on one side illuminated by the sun for most of the day. In winter, Doganaccia offers folkloric festivals and entertainment for children. In summer you can catch trout in the pond S. Gualberto, go hiking or mountain bike paths choosing between various difficulties, or, for the "lazy" journeys can be made via the cable car that greatly simplifies excursions mountain.

Place: Pistoia