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Multipass Abetone - Price List

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Multipass Abetone - Price List

Presales for the 2019-2020 season.

  • By 18 August 2019 € 550
  • From 19 August to 10 September 2019 € 570
  • From 11 September 2019 € 690

Family Discount *: 10% discount on the third season in the same family unit
Discount Over 60 *: 10% discount for those born in 1959 and earlier.
* valid indistinctly from the purchase date of seasonal workers

Children born after 01/01/2014
Combined with the deadlines listed, adding € 15 to the price of the parent's adult season, the season will be issued to the child born after 01/01/2014

Without matching the price will be that of our official list at € 160 with no purchase deadline.


Snow Park Abetone

For snowboarders the ski area offers two different Snowpark Abetone equipped, one Abetone and the other in Val di Luce.

Comprensorio dell'Abetone

Abetone is at the center of a larger area that offers tourists and many other ski slopes hiking trails, picturesque valleys and medieval villages.

Mappe Abetone

Abetone.com offers a constantly updated situation relating to plants, to Ski slopes, School Fields, Snow Park and useful information for those who want to stay in Abetone.

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