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snowpark Abetone

There are two snow parks in the ski resort of Abetone. One is set up in Pulicchio and the other in Val di Luce.

Gravity SnowPark Abetone
At Pulicchio along the Coppi track. The park is set in a sunny valley surrounded by nature. It extends over three artificial terraces: the first two are characterized by the presence of 3/4/5 meter kickers, while the third hosts different structures that change weekly. These include a 6 meter box, a 9-meter rail, a 9-foot kink.
In this way the snow park is more dynamic and fun.
The Gravity Park Abetone is ideal for both beginner and expert skiers.

Snow Park Roccione
In Val di Luce the snow park is in a completely dedicated area. There are medium-high structures ideal to satisfy the desire for jumps and evolutions of various skiers.
The park proposes twin jumps of 4/6/12/15 meters and artificial structures such as box, rail, kicker and jib feature.
Near the park there is also a beginner snow park for beginners who want to test their skills by limiting the risks.


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Snow Park Abetone

For snowboarders the ski area offers two different Snowpark Abetone equipped, one Abetone and the other in Val di Luce.

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Abetone is at the center of a larger area that offers tourists and many other ski slopes hiking trails, picturesque valleys and medieval villages.

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