Piteglio is located between the valleys of Torbecchia and Liesina and dominates the Val di Lima, where ran the route and the important ancient road that connected transappenninica Pistoia the Garfagnana. In the twelfth-century Piteglio was a fortified castle under the control pistoiese, whose architectural read today in the ancient houses that overlook the narrow alleys that lead up to the town center. Here is the church of Santa Maria Assunta, whose bell shaped square reveals function of the ancient tower sighting. In the small village there are two churches: the church of Santissima Annunziata, that the tradition founded by Matilde di Canossa, documented as early as 1040, and the church of Santa Maria Assunta, dating from the thirteenth century and altered in later centuries. Here is celebrating an ancient cult linked to the sacred relic of Our Lady milk, which is traditionally led by Land wants a crusader, precious liquid that still preserves in the chapel of Our Lady of milk in a large altar seventeenth century.

Place: Abetone