The village of Popiglio was an old feud of the Guidi already around Mille, and today its history is amply demonstrated by the richness of its artistic heritage. Due to its strategic position control of the territory on the border of Lucca, was often the focus of bitter wars between Lucca and Pistoia, which repeatedly saw the destruction of the village fortified. Significant traces of the past there are in towers and the remains of the medieval castle, the architectural structure of the town, but especially in the church of Santa Maria Assunta, a sacred monuments major Mountain Pistoiese. Founded in 1271, the church outside the Romanesque structure with the facade decorated with stone reliefs, while the interior space was amended in the second half of the sixteenth century and enriched over the centuries with works of art of great value that still amaze the visitor. The nearby Museo d'Arte Sacra, set up in the sacristy and in the Company of Corpus Christi, which collects paintings, sculptures, liturgical furnishings and wallpaper, complete this important path of art and popular religiosity included in the system to the Mountain Pistoiese. From church impressive start four routes that follow the paths of the ancient Rogations, one of which falls into the stream leads to Lima and medieval bridge to a single arch Castruccio said, a place enchanted, in the green, almost out of time.

Place: Abetone