From the Pyramids (m 1385) (2) Take the road that rises slightly in the direction dell'Uccelliera, and After about 50 metres turn right, advancing forward in the forest Boscolungo (3) . After the metal bar of Forestry, Falsopiano path continues on a track, reaching after About two kilometres, a stone fountain. Continuing left, Take the path n. 5 that bypasses halfway up Mount Maiori (4) And joins first at the mouth of Verginina of Serrabassa and then The house of Lapo (5) . The peaks of Mount Paper are Open Reached, in less than two hours, crossing the path of Ridge (No. 0-0 CAI), which passes near the refuge, while our Tour continues on the left along the mule track that through rade Beech (6) and mirtilleti (7) , salt, with some bends, The source of "Walloon of beech." This valley is bounded on the right From the summit of Mount Belvedere (1896) and left the walls Sandstone (8) Monte Rotodo (m 1937) which together form the "Open Book". In Modena side of Mount Rotondo is possible See, in summer, the flowering of rhododendron (9), Typical alpine essence, in this impiantatasi places around 200,000 years Ago during the last ice age. From the source snetiero Hiking MPT (white-red signals) there ricondurrà the house of Lapo.

1. Abetone: In ancient whole Area was called "Boscolungo" for the presence of a dense forest of And beech trees; the name of the village seems it comes from a major Spruce shot down near the step.

2. Pyramids: were built On the border Tuscan-Modena in 1777 in memory of the road "Ximeniana" "Gardens", the works of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold I and the Duke of Modena Francis III. On each pyramid are observed badges of States which belonged and Latin inscriptions dedicated to the sovereign.

3. Forest Boscolungo This Forest covers about 2700 hectares and consists mainly By secular trees. The white spruce (abies alba) reaches heights around To 40 metres, has a right leg with gray-white bark and smooth Her hair is conical. The needles are dark green at the Higher, while in the lower are white and its bluastri Pinecones reach lengths of 10-15 cm.

4. Monte Maiori (m 1562): Small Between major step dell'Abetone and Foce of Verginetta. From Top, easily accessible by trail No 0-0 CAI close Fountain stone, it can look at the impressive panorama Apennine ridge from the north to northeast and the peaks of the Abetonese south.

5. House of Lapo: Small refuge Open only in summer.

6. Beech (Fagus Silvatica L.) High Up to 30 metres, with rounded trunk, branches and foliage large, Smooth gray bark clear. He leaves falling, green Shiny dark at the top and clearer than less. In our area meets up to 1800 metres together all'abete White.

7. Blueberry (Vaccinium Mitillus L.) Bush can reach 30 cm in height, dark green color. The fruits are berries black bluastre the size of a pea. It grows in the forests of coniferous and broadleaf trees, meadows and glades. The fruits collected in the summer with special rakes, I am very Appreciated is that fresh jams and syrups.

8. Sandstone: Rocky sedimentary That was formed about 40 million years ago after huge Underwater landslides that have delivered enormous amounts of material Detritico, depositandolo basins in the deep sea.

9. Rhododendron (Rhododendron Ferrugineum L.) (protected species) bushy evergreen with Shrub Flower-shaped bell with 5 lobes red purple. Growth in groups On the rock and wetlands, rich in humus.


vertical drop Climb m. 560
Length sans-serif" 10 m
Time Walking a. / r. H. 5
type Path Dirt path and
Equipment Binoculars, camera, shoes mountain
point Departure Pyramids of square dell'Abetone (1)
Signs CAI 104 white-red
Difficulty Average

Place: Pistoia

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