The walking the Botanical Garden Forest dell'Abetone allows pleasantly enter into contact with the environment dell'Appennino Pistoiese. This route provides the ability to understand the intent of the designers dell'Orto to protect and make known the natural flora of this part dell'Appennino. Starting from square Municipal Abetone follow a large forest road that passes under the facility of the chairlift. Continue down slightly Boscolungo up in the locality. This is also a second access point to the same route marked by red and blue marker. A third access point you resort in Queens. From here we must follow the path CAI No 102 (white and red sign). From Boscolungo continue slightly uphill to the ski Chierroni and from there take the path Abetone Trekking n.7, leading to Black Lake. Shortly later leave the Val di Lima and enters the Valley Sestaione. After about twenty minutes walk is on the right, a wall of rock used as a climbing gym called "Peppone Balzo. Shortly after Be very careful to a trail that descends on the left with bends in a forest of conifers to the Botanical Garden, along the river Sestaione. The ORTO BOTANICAL FOREST There are many reasons to go visit the Botanical Garden dell'Abetone Forest, as the many opportunities it offers satisfy different needs and expectations. Both those looking for a place where they can have a quiet walk, and the botany enthusiast can find what they are looking for. In 1.4 hectares are collected environments most dell'Appennino Northern and about 300 plant species cartellinate (among them: gentians, sassifraghe, lilies and orchids). Of the various species will not only information about scientific name and the rarity, but also on the different characteristics: it will be possible to know plants use food and medicine, those toxic or even fatal. All organised with full respect for nature, making as much as possible spontaneity. We appreciate the beauty of the forest of beech and white spruce, spectacular flowering plants of cliffs and the variety of wetlands represented by small lakes and ruscelletti. The visit can be even more interesting if led by students and graduates who serve all'Orto. The management of the Botanical Garden Forest is entrusted to a consortium consisting of: Tuscany Region, the State Forestry Corps, Mountain Community dell'Appennino Pistoiese and University Toscane. The origin of this structure is linked to the figure of Dr. Frederick Road, which by his passion for plants has spawned a ORTO Apennines, with conservative and academic.

Place: Abetone