Heart of an area recognized as the most famous ski resort Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, Passo dell'Abetone, with its 1388 meters of altitude, owes its fame to the high peaks that are the crown.

Who starts in Pistoia reach the Pyramids dell'Abetone after the first 50 kilometres travelled on SS66, SS12 then on. A huge forest of conifers marks right now the territory of the Municipality, whose interest is a predominantly natural and Sports.

However deserve mention some buildings linked to the history of the territory and that the EIA MODENESE crosses: and CUSTOMS STATION MAIL, THE CHURCH OF ST LEOPOLD and PIRAMIDI.

During the good season Abetone, abandoned his vocation skiing becomes, by virtue of the many hiking possibilities, a place where people want to live in touch with the landscape, flora and fauna Apennine. If a thorough knowledge of the paths is necessary to refer to the mapping of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI), here they suggest some particularly interesting landscape.

From Boscolungo, with about two and a half hours walk to a location very steep but very suggestive, reach Mount Open Book (1937 m above sea level), which enjoys a vast landscape and where possible, after two more hours, reach Mount Cimone, with its 2165 meters, is the highest peak Appennino Tosco-Emiliano. Still Boscolungo from two other routes of great interest shares reach high: the first, in three hours, having outperformed the source stream Sestaione, leads to FOCE OF CAMPOLINO (1775), the second one, called variant lakes, suitable for someone who has an entire day, it is the evocative high altitude lakes. Among these, Lake Dish is located in VAL LIGHT, in a rugged landscape dominated by the architecture dell'ALBERGO FARINATI.

The Val di Luce, well equipped for winter sports, you can also easily reach along the SS12. Abetone, to offer a better alternative to lengthy and challenging excursions, has a dense network of walking and easy for those who want to know in depth the Apennine flora, including a ORTO BOTANICAL, which is headed by one of the five routes' ECOMUSEUM MOUNTAIN PISTOIESE.

During the winter season the popular ski resort (10) becomes privileged destination for lovers of snow, that there are avenues for all grades of difficulty and a large landscape, where the barren peaks alternate with the wooded slopes.

Place: Pistoia