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Saints Peter Palazzo Bondi, home of one of the largest families fiumalbine, located between the oratory of San Rocco and the parish church dedicated to St. Bartholomew. Until the beginning of '900, a wall contornava the house, including garden, the entrance door which opened onto the street past the oratory of S. Rocco. This portion of wall demolished to accommodate a bank, part of the original wall, adjacent Via del Leone, named for the lion carved sandstone, all-round, family crest currently positioned over a sharp fence, is still built.

On Via del Leone, the facade presents a theory of five windows, framed by pilasters, which support the inscription: Here Allium judicas nizes te ipsum.

The main entrance of the mansion, once, was placed on a turn-orthogonal, almost touching the apse of the parish, and adorned with a coat of arms engraved on sandstone, now become corroded.
Inside, a majestic stone fireplace with vintage uprights and shelves, finely carved, and pediment decorated with refined vegetable motif. The frame, closing, is machined to ovules.

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Via Giardini 38 - 41022 Abetone(PT)

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